Movies that will introduce you to some aspects of Virtual Elastic String Theory




Movie 1:  Explains the problems in physics and a possible reason for the large number of conundrums that have existed for hundreds of years.

Movie 2:  Explains the properties of the force fields for electricity, magnetism, gravity, and the nuclear forces.

Movie 3:  Explains the nature of force fields and how they are created.

Movie 4:  Evidence that the strong nuclear force has elastic properties.

Movie 5:  Evidence that the gravitational force has elastic properties.

Movie 6:  Evidence that the electric force has elastic properties.

Energy, including Einstein's concept of energy

Movie 7:  Einstein proposed that a photon in flight is composed of a blob of energy.  There is no scientific explanation for Einstein’s blob of energy.

Movie 8:  Energy is a mathematical concept. It is not an entity like matter.

Movie 9:  The source of all energy derives from the forces of nature: gravity, electricity, magnetism, and the nuclear forces.  The force fields are composed of virtual elastic strings.

Movie 10: The energy of a photon is compared to the energy of other matter in motion.

Movie 11:  Compares the properties of Einstein’s blob of energy in a photon to what can be expected if the photon is composed of matter.

Movie 12:  Continues with the comparison of Einstein’s photon composed of a blob of energy vs a photon composed of matter.

Movie 13:  The properties of Einstein’s photon blob of energy is identical  to a photon composed of matter.  Einstein's photon blob of energy is an enigma that has no scientific explanation.

Photon string cycles

Movie 14:  The creation of electric fields and magnetic fields by photons.

Movie 15:  An explanation for interference and enhancement of the photon’s electric fields.


Graviton matrix 

Movie 16: An explanation for the immense concentration of gravitons in space—the graviton matrix.

Electric and magnetic force fields

Movie 17a:  Explanation for electric force fields.

Movie 17b:  Explanation for negative and positive currents in a wire.

Movie 18a.  Explanation of magnetic force fields.

Movie 18b.  Evidence that magnetic force fields have physical properties—they are composed of matter.


Self-induction of force fields

Movie 19a.  The role of magnetic fields in self-induction of force fields.

Movie 19b.  The role of gravitons in self-induction of force fields.

Movie 19c.  The role of electric fields in self-induction of force fields.

Movie 19d.  The synergetic effect of magnetic fields, gravitational fields, and electric fields during self-induction of force fields.


Photon refraction, reflection, and diffraction

Movie 20a.  Photon refraction and reflection. Evidence that photon refraction and reflection is caused by the photon’s electric fields.

 Movie 20b.  Explains why photons disperse in a prism with great precision.

 Movie 20c.  What happens to a photon in glass.  Explains why photons are split and travel in different directions when traveling through a pane of glass.

 Movie 20d.  Diffraction.  Explains why photons bend when passing by a thin wall.


 Some evidence that particles of light and electrons consist of two spheres.

 Movie 21.  Electrons and photons consist of two spheres.  Explains some of the evidence that photons consist of two spheres.


VES ether theory

Movie 22a.  Introduction to VES ether theory.  Explains why gravitons should be considered as ether waves that push photons and electrons through space.

 Movie 22b.  Describes the attributes of graviton waves that enable them to push photons and electrons through the graviton matrix.

 Movie 22c.  The velocity of string waves.  Explains why graviton waves travel at immense velocity and at speeds much greater than the velocity of light.

 Movie 22d.  Tenets of VES ether theory.


Velocity of photons and electrons

Movie 23a.  Velocity of photons.  Discusses how graviton waves interact with photons.

 Movie 23b.  Velocity of photons cont'd.  Discusses how graviton waves push photons at the speed of light.

Movie 23c.   Discusses why photons travel at great velocity.

 Movie 23d.  Explains how negative graviton waves and the graviton  matrix inhibit photons in flight.

 Movie 24.  The flight of electrons in the solar wind.  Explains why electrons travel slower than photons, and why they travel at two different velocities in the solar wind.


Relativity versus VES theory

Movie 25.  The flight of electrons in a particle accelerator.  Explains why electrons require more energy than expected to elevate their velocities to the speed of photons.

 Movie 26. Further comparisons of VES theory and Relativity.  Explains gravitational frequency shift, gravitational redshift, and other phenomena without resorting to Einstein’s relativity.


Gyroscopes, my first movie

 Gyroscope movie: Explains how gyroscopes work using Virtual Elastic String Theory.