VES THEORY          

Virtual elastic string theory

Author:  Kelland David Terry, Ph.D.


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Back cover of book for a brief introduction to VES Theory.

             I invite you to examine my book and checkout the chapter headings, then read it at your leisure.    

             I invite you to examine my movies that deal with VES theory.


                                                                                   Ladybug sends a strong force of attraction

                                                                                    To Andromeda and back in one fleeting sec,                      

                                                                                    But a force of attraction issued deep in Earth

                                                                                   Pulls lady  back and keeps her safely in check.


                                                                                   Nature's forces remain in balance, all seems well

                                                                                   For our Ladybug at rest on a leaf bright green!

                                                                                   Hidden from  a blood sucking assassin bug,                        

                                                                                   Cute little Ladybug remains oblivious and serene